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What our users say about us:

“uBid has a user friendly interface. Being able to set Theme Scope
is extremely helpful.
What I like the most is to be able to share hands and
discuss auctions with others.
This makes
uBid a great learning tool.”

Gokhan Andi

Bridge enthusiast, U.S.A., Turkey

“No lost hours any more since you can fill them with bidding on uBid.”

Ina Miedema

Intermediate player, Netherlands

“The app is important for players and partnerships of all levels who are aiming to improve their bidding techniques.”

Advanced player, U.S.A

uBid 2.0 has been launched!

A highly improved new version with a built-in e-learning tool and three different plans to choose from:

Practice whenever whereever

Practice basic conventions

You can practice basic conventions (for starters) but also bid random hands with your partner.

Practice standard conventions

Practice standard conventions (for intermediates) and monitor your progress.

Practice advanced conventions and build your own system

Practice Rodwell’s Bidding themes (for advanced players) and enter your own conventions.

What’s new or improved in uBid 2.0?

in uBid Classic or higher,  in uBid Plus or higher,  in uBid Premium.

Easy sign up and sign in 

With uBid 1.3 sign up was sometimes perceived as a bit complicated by our early adopters. With uBid 2.0 this issue has been resolved. You can use your Google and FaceBook account to register or login. Twitter and LinkedIn will follow soon.

Fit for handling thousands of hands

In the past some users with more than 1,000 hands stored on their (old) devices encountered slow responses or even outages. With uBid 2.0 loading and transferring thousands of hands to a new device only takes a few minutes.

Start new hand with last partner 

Requested by many: an easy way to start new hands with their regular partner. By tapping on this icon you can now start several new hands with your last partner within seconds.

Start new hand with a new partner 

In order to start a new hand with a new partner, go to menu and tap on the plus sign with the question mark.

Inviting your partner to join uBid by e-mail 

We have improved the content of the e-mail invitation sent to a new user so that it’s not considered spam. From now on your partner will receive an e-mail with your full name in it so that the email appears more trustworthy.

Search hands

Searching a particular hand has never been easier. Just enter the board number or your partner’s nickname and you will find what you are looking for within just seconds.

Sort hands

With uBid 2.0 you can now sort on partner, board number, time ago, date, result and bidding theme.

Improved Discuss Board Function

With uBid 2.0 you can start a discussion on a particular board or theme with other members of the uBid community and editorial board.

Improved scoring function

We got a lot of feedback on our scoring model from the past. With uBid 2.0 you will receive a 3 star rating whenever you reach the best contract.

Set theme scope per partnership

We are proud to announce a new way of learning bridge. With our new e-learning tool you and your partner can select which bidding themes you would like to practice in particular. Of course you can always choose to bid a random selection of hands.

uBid Classic : Select from a list of basic conventions such as Stayman, Jacoby or limit raise after partner’s 1 major opening.
uBid Plus : Practice standard conventions such as Drury, Puppet Stayman or bidding a two-suiter after opponent’s 1 minor opening.
uBid Premium : Allows you and your partner to enter your own conventions into the uBid system so that you can easily monitor your progress per bidding theme.

Side-kick bidding assistant

This is another great functionality that you will probably love as much as we do. With uBid 2.0 you will be notified whenever you are about to place a “wrong” bid and you will then be presented with the options to alter your bid, stick to it or get a hint. You can also click on each bid to find out what it means.

Compare your bidding with uBid’s suggested auction 

After each hand you bid, you get to see your own bidding and uBid’s suggested bidding with explanations. This will help you and your partner to improve where necessary.

  Enter your own conventions

You don’t agree with uBid’s suggested auction? No problem.
Just save your last auction as preferred auction and uBid will remember!

Just tell uBid to set your last auction on this board as preferred auction. Your partner will be notified too. You can revert back to uBids auction as well.

Sidekick will monitor your auctions on similar hands and check if your partner and you stick to the preferred auction.

Hands that are bid according to either the suggested or the preferred auction turn blue transparent.

For Members Only

Community activities in one view:

  • Status of your support requests
  • Your contributions
  • Followed theme discussions

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