What is uBid?
What can I do with uBid?
With uBid you can bid bridge hands 24/7 with different partners. uBid is meant for practicing bidding solely. It is a great bidding tool for bridge players from all levels.
Where can I find uBid?
The uBid app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store or from the Apple App Store. It is designed for smart phones and tablets.
Who designed uBid?
The team of NewInBridge. Hands are reviewed by a Dutch bridge teacher and a Dutch world champion.
Getting the app
How can I obtain uBid?
Step 1: DOWNLOAD uBid from Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Step 2: SIGNUP or LOGIN to uBid.
Do I need a nickname for registration to uBid Bridge?
You can use a nickname of your choice. For instance: Zia Mahmoo or Omar Shari
Do I have to pay for uBid? 
All users start with one month of free playing time. After that, you have the option of buying extra time by means of an in-app purchase.
Buying time
I bought playing time but my playing time still wasn’t extended in the app settings; what now? 
You received an e-mail confirmation with your order and transaction ID. Forward this e-mail to us along with your uBid account e-mail address and we will manually process your update.


Bridge matters
How relevant is my bridge level?
uBid is fit for any level: novice, intermediate or expert.
What bidding system is needed to make use of uBid?
You can use uBid with any bidding system. uBasic (the built-in e-learning tool aimed at bridge novices), however, is currently based on 4 card major.
Can I bid with multiple partners at the same time?
Yes. In principle you can invite and bid with as many partners as you like.
How do I invite somebody to bid with?
In-app you go to GET NEW HAND. There you follow the instructions.
What if somebody invites me to bid?
You will then receive an email invitation from your partner. Follow the instructions in the email to start bidding.
Is my partner a robot?
No. You choose your own partner of flesh and blood.
Does uBid have an archive functionality?
uBid automatically saves all hands bid by you and your partners.
How can I communicate with my partner?
uBid allows you to chat during and after bidding.
Can I share hands bid?
uBid allows to share finished hands via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc.
Stars are published when the hand is over. What do they stand for?
*** = Best bidding result
** = Good Job
* = Fair
– = You can do better
Why don’t I get any stars? The contract is right and in the right hand

In uBasic you only get three stars if you bid exactly according the suggested auction. uBasic has been developed to practice themes and conventions, and you will only be rewarded if you properly apply the particular theme or convention. Reaching the correct contract is not sufficient.

Known and fixed issues

Please check out this link for the latest known and fixed issues.

I would like give comments on how uBid works. How do I do that?
Your feedback is very important to us and much appreciated.
You can submit your feedback in-app by selecting “FAQ & Feedback” from the menu and then clicking on “Submit a request”. Alternatively you can click on the blue “Support” button on this website or simply send us your feedback per email to support@newinbridge.com.