How does it work?

New UsersĀ 

  • First go the Google (Android) Play Store or the Apple App Store, download uBid and install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In-app you will be instructed to create an uBid account.


All users

  • Go to the Menu and tap “Start New Hand”.
  • Enter your bid at the keyboard.
  • Submit your bid.
  • Invite partner by entering e-mail address or use an e-mail address from the list with recent partners.







uBid rules

Respond to a bid or a chat within 72 hours otherwise the session expires. You will receive a notification 12 hours before expiration.

Knowledge Base

More about uBid in our Knowledge base. In-app go to Menu > For Members Only.

Download uBid:


Download uBid on the App Store
Download uBid app on Google Play