How does it work?

New UsersĀ 

  • First go the Google (Android) Play Store or the Apple App Store, download uBid and install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In-app you will be instructed to create an uBid account.

See also our detailedĀ Getting Started with uBid Manual for more information on and assistance with downloading, installing, registering and starting bidding.


All users

  • Go to the Menu and tap “Start New Hand”.
  • Enter your bid at the keyboard.
  • Submit your bid.
  • Invite partner by entering e-mail address or use an e-mail address from the list with recent partners.







uBid rules

Respond to a bid or a chat within 72 hours otherwise the session expires. You will receive a notification 12 hours before expiration.

Knowledge Base

More about uBid in our Knowledge base. In-app go to Menu > For Members Only.

Download uBid:


Download uBid on the App Store
Download uBid app on Google Play